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Reseller Hosting (Bayi Hosting) Nedir?

Anyone conducting comprehensive research on hosting will undoubtedly come across the concept of "reseller hosting." Reseller hosting is sometimes also referred to as "bayi hosting." The English word "reseller" is essentially used to mean reselling. This type of hosting is primarily preferred by large and medium-sized businesses.

Through reseller hosting, you can create new hosting accounts for other websites or individuals based on the storage space or traffic limit you have. You can share these resources and even facilitate the selling process. Reseller hosting allows you to manage websites belonging to clients or your own web platforms from a unified control panel. In this content, we will attempt to answer trending questions such as "What is reseller hosting?" and "What are the advantages of reseller hosting?"

What is Reseller Hosting and What is it Used For?

The concept of hosting, as the literal meaning of the word suggests, is "accommodation." The content of websites needs to be stored on internet servers, also known as web servers. Hosting comes into play precisely at this point and serves a functional role. In today's world, hosting comes in various types. Depending on your usage and expectations, you can opt for the most suitable hosting type. Shared hosting, co-location hosting, and dedicated hosting are some of these types. As of today, one of the most preferred hosting types is reseller hosting.

We mentioned that the word "reseller" is used in meanings like "buying and selling" and "reselling." Reseller hosting, on the other hand, is considered a type of hosting service that allows multiple websites to be hosted/marketed by utilizing the allocated storage space or bandwidth. These features have played a significant role in the widespread interest in reseller hosting among large audiences today. Reseller hosting essentially offers the opportunity for resellers to profit from hosting services rented to dealers and customers. The level of profit here is directly proportional to the number of websites rented.

Due to the breadth of the purchased server space, it is possible to provide services in this regard to a much larger number of customers. Reseller hosting services encompass essential elements such as RAM, disk space, and server bandwidth. Especially for web designers or developers, reseller hosting is seen as a significant income option. Individuals opting for reseller hosting can create a permanent income stream by renting server services, rather than designing and selling a website as a one-time project. Moreover, this hosting option also serves as an important choice for businesses requiring multiple cPanels.

The relatively compact and practical management opportunities, along with the affordable costs, are significant reasons for the preference for reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is largely perceived as a choice focused on sales. However, encountering different purposes of use is also possible. Individuals or businesses aiming to sell in this direction can create a memorable company advertisement by placing logos or banners in different sections of the management panel specific to the package in question. Prioritizing reputable and trustworthy companies for the reseller hosting option will help minimize potential risks.

The differences between Reseller Hosting and Web Hosting are what?

There are significant technical and economic differences between reseller hosting and web hosting. These differences can be generally listed as follows:

  • In standard web hosting services, as known, only a maximum of 1 domain can be added. However, in reseller hosting, it's possible to add multiple domains. This allows the opening of a separate hosting account for each domain.
  • Another difference is in the management aspect. In reseller hosting, one purchases server resources from any hosting provider, allowing the provision of hosting services directly to the customer base. In web hosting, however, access to server resources is achieved through a direct agreement with the hosting provider.
  • Reseller hosting allows you to have direct control over customer relationships, enabling assistance in various aspects from billing to customer support. In web hosting, customer services provided by the hosting provider take the forefront.
  • There are differences in terms of scalability between the two hosting types. Reseller hosting offers relatively more growth potential, leading to higher income due to an expanding customer base. On the other hand, scalability is relatively more challenging in web hosting.
  • In reseller hosting, you can create your own brand and offer services directly under your business name. This allows your customer base to connect directly with you. In web hosting, services are mostly offered under the provider's brand.
  • Reseller hosting may require relatively more technical knowledge and expertise. This is because you need to take responsibility for critical aspects such as backups, security, and server management. Additionally, there is relatively more customization and flexibility in terms of control. Reseller hosting offers a much more personalized experience to the customer base.
  • In standard web hosting services, if you add multiple domains, you might face CPU overuse. Furthermore, domains open in a shared directory, and in virus-like issues, all are affected simultaneously. However, in reseller hosting, domains do not affect each other in such scenarios.

What can be done with Reseller Hosting?

Before delving into what can be done with Reseller Hosting, let's remember that this hosting type offers an attractive business model, especially for hosting providers. Reseller hosting allows you to create your own hosting packages and offer them to your customer base. You can tailor different package options based on features such as email accounts, bandwidth, or databases, adding your personal touch. These packages will appeal to customers with specific needs and preferences.

On the other hand, with reseller hosting, you can also handle domain registrations. This means your customers have the opportunity to purchase domain registrations through you. Reseller hosting also provides control over server management. You can make any technical adjustments to the servers or implement various security measures. Additionally, you can support your customers in critical areas such as issue resolution or email configuration.

Reseller hosting, which offers the opportunity to expand your business, can generate substantial income. You can create a pricing strategy according to your preferences. Within this hosting type, you can host all your web platforms through a single panel. Moreover, reseller hosting eliminates the complexity in management. Instead of getting a dedicated hosting package, you can opt for reseller hosting and independently offer other components for sale.

How can I ask about the features and advantages of Reseller Hosting in English?

Reseller hosting packages offered by different hosting companies come with various features that differentiate them. These specific differences generally have an impact on the prices. Options that vary in terms of HDD, CPU, or RAM are prominent among these hosting packages. Similarly, there is also diversity in terms of traffic among these hosting packages. Hosting companies can provide support in clearly defining the hosting resources. Some reseller hosting packages may have limitations on hosting sites. For instance, some packages allow hosting up to 20 sites. In such limited packages, it is impossible to host the 21st site.

Compared to standard web hosting packages, reseller hosting has several advantages. First and foremost, the advantage lies in the economy. For individuals who want to host multiple sites, both license and costs related to hardware and management will be relatively lower. Another advantage is user convenience. You can manage your reseller hosting account through cPanel, Plesk panel, or WHM panel in a web-based manner. Furthermore, you can perform various tasks, from defining customer domain names to NS management, access permissions, and FTP information, in the same comfortable way. Additionally, you can increase your reseller hosting packages based on your business actions. The experience it adds to your business, among other advantages, can be listed as one of reseller hosting's benefits.

Entrepreneurs can gain experience in areas such as sales/marketing, especially by purchasing reseller hosting packages. Reseller hosting, which can also be seen as an attractive source of income, offers various other privileges. Among these additional advantages are acquiring ready-made scripts, controlling DND areas, using anonymous/private name servers, and having the potential to handle heavy traffic. Besides, the opportunities offered by resellers, such as SEO, sales/marketing, and maintenance, can also be considered as advantages.

How can Reseller Hosting be utilized?

In today's world, reseller hosting can bring additional income to many people. Dealing with these processes does not significantly affect your main business. Of course, the scale of your service should be considered as one of the basic criteria at this stage. Both individuals and businesses can actively benefit from the opportunities offered by reseller hosting.

The question of whether money can be made from this business is entirely related to the approaches and sales/marketing skills of the person undertaking the venture. There are many people who only create accounts on reseller hosting and make a profit by selling them. We can answer the question "Who can use reseller hosting?" as follows:

  • Small-scale web hosting companies or entrepreneurs can opt for reseller hosting packages to achieve satisfactory profits with relatively low costs.

  • Individuals with multiple web platforms or domain names do not need to acquire separate hosting services for each domain.

  • Web designers or developers can also provide hosting services.

  • SEO experts can engage in search engine optimization and provide support in the field of reseller hosting.

  • Individuals willing to offer practical solutions in the software field can be considered in this context.

  • Lastly, businesses requiring multiple cPanel instances can also be included in this list.

BİHOSTNET Reseller Hosting Services

When choosing a reseller hosting service, it's essential to give a chance to companies that offer you cost-effective, efficient, and practical solutions. During this process, you should check if your reseller has significant references in the reseller hosting field. In other words, its reputation within the industry is a crucial aspect to consider. On the other hand, you should pay attention to whether this service offers options that align with your budget. Also, can you access technical support whenever you need it? If your business shows a growth trend in the future, is there a way to upgrade your hosting service? Based on these and similar questions, you should choose the most suitable option.

BİHOSTNET assists you in making the ideal reseller hosting choice for your customer base without any brand or logo, offering a free setup option. You can experience the privilege of using reseller hosting quickly and efficiently under the BİHOSTNET umbrella. Users can create reseller hosting packages under the BİHOSTNET roof in different locations such as Turkey, Western Europe, and North America according to their preferences. If you want to venture into reseller hosting at different scales, you can make a difference with the assurance of BİHOSTNET.

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