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Affiliate and Reseller Program

Welcome! At [BİHOSTNET], we offer affiliate and reseller programs to reach more people with our products and services. These programs allow you to earn money by promoting our products and services on your website or blog.

Affiliate Program

By joining our affiliate program, you can earn a commission for every sale when you promote our products and services. Our commission rate varies depending on the type of product or service.

Reseller Program

By joining our reseller program, you can establish your own [BİHOSTNET] reseller business. Our reseller program allows you to sell our products and services under your own brand.

Program Benefits

The benefits of our affiliate and reseller programs include:

  • Earning Opportunity: Earn money by promoting our products and services.
  • Brand Awareness: Increase the recognition of the [BİHOSTNET] brand.
  • New Customers: Reach our products and services to more people.
  • Discounts: Earn discounts on software sales based on your reseller level by making balance uploads.

Apply Now to Join the Program!

Apply to join our affiliate or reseller program now and discover the advantages of partnering with [BİHOSTNET].

Terms and Conditions

To apply for reseller status, a minimum balance upload of 1599 TL is required. Reseller levels and discount rates are as follows:

  • BRONZE RESELLER: Those who upload 1599 TL receive a 15% discount.
  • SILVER RESELLER: Those who upload 2499 TL receive a 20% discount.
  • GOLD RESELLER: Those who upload 4999 TL receive a 30% discount.

Your reseller status ends when your credit is exhausted or when it decreases to the point where you cannot purchase a single software. In this case, normal sales procedures will apply. Unused credits are non-refundable. Your reseller status will return to normal if an order is placed with a credit card while your reseller status is active. Your status will automatically return to normal when the usage period falls to the point where your credit amount cannot purchase at least one software. Credits uploaded in installments will not be considered in the reseller status, and your reseller status will automatically return to normal. After the license assignment process, there will be no changes or cancellations in the license (domain). You can transfer your reseller status to another person. Our resellers can sell software on their own websites (except webmaster forum sites), but software prices should not be lower than the current prices on our website. Discounts are applicable to all software.


For more information about our affiliate and reseller programs, please contact the [BİHOSTNET] support team.

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